random mumblings
2001-11-06 05:22:49 (UTC)


we all spend so much of our life waiting...this fact was
not lost on me today as i was *waiting* for my friend kevin
outside his apartment in the sub-arctic temperatures. so
what is new with me? well the last time i wrote the knicks
just bitchslapped jordon and the whiz so there must be a
lot...hmmm...let me think. well i went out last wednesday
with vicki and her sister for hallowe'en and they dressed
up as these hawaii chicks complete with coconuts and
everything...very nice. last night, i went to 80s night
with amanda and a bunch of her friends. amanda was
*hammered* and she made a point of reminding me of that
everytime she nudged me or grabbed my ass or something,
because if she didn't god knows i'd fall in love with her
or something :) i had a fantastic time though...i was back to the
old craig. i had a helluva time and i was a dancing machine and
everything. it was great. her friends were pretty cool but they
left early because of "work" or "i'm too drunk to stand" etc. i
stopped by on my way to groceries today to see her and
julie's new place and it's cozy...very messy but cozy. so
she showed me her new room and she had a bunch of shit on
her bed and i asked her where she slept and she said that
it just moves to the floor and last night she slept with
half the shit on her bed...deja vu or what? :) so i told
her i was going grocery shopping and she tagged along and
to even things out (i know this sounds weird, but it evened
things out in my mind) i rammed her pretty hard with the
grocery cart. i think she really was hurt cause she yelled
out "jesus christ" but i laughed...it was my catharsis ;)
so i was standingo utside freezing afterwards and asshole
pat either didn't answer the door when i knocked or "didn't
hear me". in either case, i may develop pneumonia so this
may be my last entry ;) no word of a lie, i am going to
try to better myself...this watch i got is probably the
nicest thing i own (which is sad, because although it's a
nice watch it's only a watch) and i'm 23. that didn't make
sense, but it makes sense to me. off to work tomorrow...i
got today off because i switched shifts with jason who
wanted friday off for paintball or something...whatever.

also anderson is a good friend...i told him that i went out and it
was like they were all in their carlsburg years because they had
to "work" or were "too drunk to stand" etc. and he wrote me back

Have no fear, my friend...almost nothing is even half as important as
it seems. Whatever seems like a drag, 'this too shall pass'. I'll try
to phone you this week, so we can shoot the shit. hey...what are your
plans around Christmas...coming to OS perhaps? If not, thought I might
be shooting East Coast way in the next few months, and if so, I would
do it incrementally...maybe I could come visit, you could call in
we could shrug off the coil of said Carlsberg years, get plastered at
10 in the morning, huh?

talk soon,


almost nothing is even half as important as it seems...wise word.
lol...get plastered at 10am...ah the good old days of
university...heck i might be in my carlsberg years lol. must
go...need sleep