the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-11-06 05:16:25 (UTC)

good evening all Josh, Paul..

good evening all
Josh, Paul Michael and Dev took David up to the Vu
i think its funny...Davids never been to a strip club and
they were trying to convince me to go as well but i have a
problem with seeing naked girls that tends to bother me a
little...i mean if they are my friends and they are
changing in front of me thats fine but id rather not watch
a complete stranger strip let alone close friend....cosper
is mad at me b/c he thinks that i should have stopped josh
from going....we arent completely attached yet..i mean i
dont have a say so really....its just not a big deal to me

anyway my little bro is happier than ever
thanx bunches to his new girlfriend andrea

a friend of mine allen would like me to tell all of you
that i am intelligent,beautiful,and sweet
but thats just what he said...he hee

well guys and dolls i think im gonna head out for the night
ill be back with breaking news right after these commercials

signing off