2001-11-06 05:13:18 (UTC)

November fifth, 2001

Had a very busy day today, PO meetings, court, paycheck
cashing, bill paying, bill paying bill paying. I finally
got to relax tonight around 5ish. I met this nice lakota
girl at the deli, her name is sarah. We were talking about
rapid city, and two downtown bumbs came up and she bought
them sandwiches. Then the manager threatened to call the
cops on them because one went and pissed in the alley. She
didn't seem too friendly after that. Later I went over to
steve and sara's and whooped their butts at tekken. Then We
watched the simpsons and after that we drove up on skyline
and watched the Aurora Borealis. It made me heartsick to
watch steve and sarah. I envy them and their relationship.
Not theirs in particular, just in general. I hate not
having someone to put my arms around. The lonliness is
killing me, and I have to say it makes me want to just hang
myself from the rafters. Its an emptiness that kills, it
is. I have pizza coming...I had better go wait for it....