The Secrets of My Tourmented Mind and So
2001-11-06 05:01:49 (UTC)


Dear Journal,
Well lets see, where do i begin. For those of you reading
this, you should know a little bit about me. I am 19, male,
from NJ. My life revolves around a small amount of places-
family, friends, college(County College of Morris), and
Buffy-Angel-Smallville-and Charmed. if u never saw these
shows i strongly suggest you do. I currently came "out" to
my 3 best friends- ya'll know who you are. yes i am gay. my
family doesnt know, nor most of my other friends. if you
keep something bottled up since 6th grade till your a
freshman in college, it tends to need to be vented out. I
have met 2 extraordinary men(and i use that cause they are)
Joey 1 and Joey 2(i really like Joey 2 from NEWARK, but
cant admit it cause i dont know if he feels that way). They
were the ones who basically made me want to tell my
friends. but for my love life, thats where it all ends. i
like to write, poems basically, i am a studying chef and
hospitality student, i am a free practicing wiccan, i
fenced in highschool all 4 yrs(sabre captain, assistant
team capt, team capt.), i am painter, tattoo freak(i love
em), bad ass, caring, rebel, sweet heart, satan fighting,
lover-all in one,(just to name a few). i hate fake people,
and small talk is no talk. thats basically it, i am looking
for all types of critisim, i will post my works, and
hopefully some pics if i can. dont be afraid to let people
into your life, thats the one lesson i will leave u with