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2001-11-06 04:41:00 (UTC)


so here i am writing an entry when i should be writing one
of my two essays that are due tomorrow. i haven't been able
to do a lot of my work lately. my mind's been in other
places so it makes it so hard to concentrate. its so hard
to freakin do hw here in brisa. there are so many
distractions. anyway, there has been some things on my
mind. i've met some really cool people in my hall and we
always hang out. for some reason i feel like others are mad
cause we leave them out. i don't get it! we invite everyone
to whatever we do and still, people hate. its so freakin
frustrating because we don't mean to leave ppl out. its not
even like that at all. i don't know what else to do. also,
i've been a little frustrated at someone. i hate being mad
but recently i've been extremely mad. i guess the only way
of solving my problem with this person is to tell them.
gosh, why do i feel like i'm in high school again? ugh!
well, me and matt are trying to make things work out. i
feel so much better than last week. he really makes me
happy and i'm really going to try to make things work this
time. i hate temptations! guys are all dicks... well not
all but a lot. i hate when they mess with my head. damm-
leave me alone! thats what i love about matt, he's not
confusing. i think its cause i known him for so long so we
both understand each other. aww... he's so cute. ok i gotta
promise myself to avoid temptations. i don't want to lose
matt. i love him too much to let him go.