2001-11-06 04:38:53 (UTC)

mondays are mondays.... was monday..another first day of another week
of school..i'm sorta tired from all the school work..but i
guess there are good things about i say hi to all
my friends..and that's always uplifting! hehe. but yeah,
i'm working hard ...i'm going to make sure i pass all my
classes ..! oh, um, and there's this guy i think is
cute..but i've been hurt by guys before..only a few people
know how real i got hurt and how it really happened:-P
but yeah, this particular guy, i don't know, makes me smile
when i see him...gosh, man, but i duno, it's like i pray
for other's ppl's happiness..but what about me? it's not a
selfish request, it's just that i know that i'll become
happy at a point or something more will happen that 'll
make me happy. well..but anyways, never mind, i'm just
tired and stressed out..i'm gonna keep my anger and
emotions inside..oh yeah, in seminary class, our teacher
read about bruce r. mcconkey's testimony testifying his
belief in JESUS CHRIST and i was amazed he wrote the words
for the lovely church hymn "I Believe In Christ". Tears
were about to well up in my eyes as i listened to his
magnificent of my goals is to get a
testimony as strong as his.
anyways new subject..i won't let anyone bring me down. if
what you call a friend brings you down, they're not a real
friend...and if they don't see it that way, then they're
not the real thing...a friend is someone who makes you
happy and feel good inside...a friend not only things about
his/herself but others as well. ok, well, i'm sleepy and i
have to go do weights...but yeah, nite nite and i'll write