even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-06 04:17:34 (UTC)

its a long way to the promised land

alex just sent me a peoem, fuck its 10... i have things to
do, where DOES the time go? goddamn... i love
photogrpahy... i want to take pictures for the rest of my
life... ican;t believe that its taken me this logn to get a
camera and tkae pictures, mayeb im over reating this, but
it hink i want to take picture,s, im ean,of course i do.. i
want to do it well.. i want to travel and take pictures,
and go beautiul places, and learn, and experince new
things, and beautiful things, and never have regrets... oh,
just added that part, it snew, but i don't... i never want
to do anything that im goign to regret... seeim a loser...
again, em alkting ot joshua lawson...

J05Hua3321: yea, if i dont make it intot the wide world
of music...this is my back up plan
MsKarma: my back up plan it to marry sam..
MsKarma: i don;t really have a number one plan, though...
MsKarma: jjust to travel i guess
MsKarma: and experience
MsKarma: and take pictures!
MsKarma: documnet the bea.. i was gonna say beatury,
but.. the life, i guess. or the lakc thereof...

i guess that is my plan... to travel and see wher ei end
up... and take pictures along the way.. thast a good plan,

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