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2001-11-06 04:07:19 (UTC)

To stress or not to stress?

OK today was one of the worst days of my life. I already
know that I'm not doing well in my Geometry class but the
teacher like rubbed it in when she went to another teacher
to discuss my progress. The other teacher was my first
period teacher whom I respect to the utmost, and I was just
totally embarrassed that she went to him and discussed my
problems in her class with him. Good thing he's cool and he
understood after I explained what the deal was, but I think
he was a tad bit disappointed in me and I could see it and
it bothered me. I felt like crying again today in his
class, so I made myself laugh so I wouldn't start crying. I
probably would have cried if I were the only one in the
class...I was so discouraged I just went home and shut my
room door and listened to Umi Says by Mos Def until I fell
I am listening to Bilal while I am typing this. The name
of the song is Soul Sista. I like the beat so I'm feelin
this whole neo-soul thing. I can't wait until I get my real
computer back. The hard drive on mine got screwed up so the
guy that's fixing it gave me a loaner and it is slower than
slow. I also downloaded tons of songs off audiogalaxy that
I can't access b/c he is fixing my computer and has been
for over a two months. I would have been sooo pissed if I
had to go without a computer for that long. They just got
the part today and I was like yeah riiiight.
This whole college thing has me feeling like mad uncertain
about my future. Not just that but high school as well. My
future is like hanging in front of me and I am trying hard
to catch up with it and make the most of it but yo it's not
happening that way. I think that I will eventually get
everything together and when I become a powerful and famous
attorney, I will be able to empower somebody who was like
me and lost confidence.
Wellll...I gotta run. I have to finish making note cards
for a test in Team Sports on flag football. The school
officials in my state are on something if they think
knowing the rules of flag football and even making team
sports a graduation requirement will make me a more
productive citizen. They should have required classes that
will teach tolerance of one another and how to get along
in today's society, but that's too much like right. It
makes too much sense. I'm out.
Miracles and Blessings

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