even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-06 04:01:25 (UTC)

oh yea... lashrc kuhdfghksdfbjkdb

so.. i just went to the shrink.. id ont; know.. i told him
aboiiut my dream wioth the weird dragon thing and how i had
to stay home or id die and osmehitn gbaout aving the world
and kelly, and he was like, well... maybe at sometimes,
helping kelly seems like saving the world.. or somthing
liek, that helping kellys can seem liek saving the world,
or soemthing, and it kiind of made me think.. i don;t knwo
baout whta, but... it made me think... and now... now im
tlakign to josh abotu music...

J05Hua3321: have you seen my info?
MsKarma: i can see it... last i saw it was dropkick
J05Hua3321: here..ill send it to ya
J05Hua3321: i said this when i was talkin to kelly
MsKarma: i can check it... or not..
J05Hua3321: if you wanna check it...go for it

J05Hua3321: katy says she wants to take pictures so
everyone can experience what she sees and feels...well i
wanna play music so i can make people feel good, i just
wanna give back what its given to

MsKarma: thast deep joshua
J05Hua3321: it could be better
MsKarma: its un revised... its raw, thast good
MsKarma: i thnk thast great josh, i really do..
J05Hua3321: thanks
MsKarma: i think you can do it
J05Hua3321: i need to
MsKarma: i had no idea really... i mean, not to that
MsKarma: i'll help you anyway i can
J05Hua3321: thanks, that means so much
MsKarma: sure.. i want you to knwo, im here for you josh
MsKarma: so.. josh.. heres the plan
MsKarma: you play music, i take pictures...
MsKarma: we get famous, rich and we get ALL the ladies
MsKarma: eh?
MsKarma: eh?
J05Hua3321: sounds good katy
MsKarma: thats gonna be my life goal... take pictures for
joshua lawson
MsKarma: i have a career all lined up
MsKarma: one time, i was taling to sam and we decided
that if we weren;t married by the time we were 30, we'd get
married and live on ranch and raise dogs... so we could
settle down and stuff... just incase, for a plan b
MsKarma: so, shit, i got it all worked out!
MsKarma: you lawson boys... im set!
J05Hua3321: awesome
MsKarma: yay, josh, you rock my world...
J05Hua3321: :-D

i don;t know, i like that though... josh is a great guy...
i think hes on his way to getting things worked out.. i
think he need to give it osme time, and he'll grow up al
ittlle, and separate form sam a little and see the ways of
the world a little, and be a farily well adjusted adult...
i think he needs.. i don;t knwo what he needs, but he needs