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2001-11-06 00:56:03 (UTC)

Monday night - war is creating flowers

At night I found my friend Mel and tried to send her the
papers about health relationships. Things was doing well
till false friends of her came. She can't act as herself
when with them. When she left alone with me again I said
her what I must tell forever before. I tell how my heart
feels her. All things I felt for her was not from my mind.
But from my heart. When I felt hurted it was because I
didn't know people was with him. When she was in danger my
heart flood street with a cold dark wave.
Tonight after all things happen. When she told to that ugly
people she won't be with any people. All tough people went
out of my home town. I walk beside her and when she went
to last door to her house I called her. I did tell her I
had a thing to say. I called her near from fences and said.
"I need to tell something to clear my conscience.
Because I'm sick to dizzy, by all things you did for me.
I love you.
But not that way things people must be."
Many things happen tonight. Some workers of lonely
street and streets of my home town fired by their boss
and replaced by a security company. Some woman had her
friend motocycle stoled by thiefs on wheels. But only
the things she did will last forever. She saw the need
to hug that woman was crying as I viewed in a vision
She ever says thank you when I told how I like her. And
I replied ever why if it is not a favor.
She get problems because she doesn't give right value to
herself. Ever looking for tough people and loser because
she thinks herself a lonely poor people with divorced
I need to do a poem for Carol to use for her dating. I don't
like her dating because he is nuts and doesn't think she is
number one kind in life.
I will show people Angel are I.
Thanks God for my cold disease. It is unblocking me and making
me more affective and warm heart.