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2001-11-06 03:44:30 (UTC)

11/5/01 (19 Days till B-day)

Dear Diary,
Today has been a complete bust. I got hardly any school work
done and my room is a mess. I hate it when I have days like
today. They absolutely drive me nuts. The only good thing
that happened today was I watched Boston Public and Angel.
They are two of my favorite shows. I especially like Boston
Public right now because one of my favorite actors is guest
staring right now, and that actor would be Billy Zane. I
think that he is just too funny. I know that tomorrow will
be a good day because there is going to be this movie on at
night called The Diamond OF Jeru. It has Billy Zane in it.
It looked really interesting, from what I have read about
it and that is much. I have hardly been able to find a
thing about it's story line. Which is kinda fun because it
kinda leaves you in supsence...I like suspense. I also know
that tomorrow will be a good day because Smallville will be
on and that, well that is fjust about the best tv show in
the World. I absolutely love that show. It has this new up
and coming actor, Michael Rosenbaum, total hottie.
Bald(because he plays Lex Luthor), blue eyes, muscular, and
tall. I hope that he makes some more movies. He has only
been in one that is really worth mentioning, and that would
be Urban Legend. I saw it for the first time last week and
I must say that is a great movie. I mean I am not usually
the horror movie type, but it is a really eye catching
movie. Anyways, I have just come from the Wb website and
have read that Michael will staring in a new movie called
Dog Catchers. It sounds kinda funny, I hope so, because in
Urban Legend he was kinda the comic relief, and he did a
great job at it. I am going to see if I can find out what
this movie is going to be about.
On to another subject. I called Steven and told him the day
that we were coming up so I am excited because I am going to
get to get to spend the day with him. Which makes me glad
because I haven't seen him in a while. Well that is all
for now, I have things to do, rooms to clean, showers to
take. later Me

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