le soleil et la lune
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2001-11-06 03:41:14 (UTC)

new plans

Since I am going to be my parents' designated driver on
Saturday I have been granted the priveledge of going to
science and math next friday to see one of my best friends,
Melmo, in the school play. Now I just have to get off of
work. I was going to take CJ and Amanda with me, but
apparently they are going to be washing his cats, so I
might see if Matthew wants to come. I don't want to drive
to Durham and back alone. That's a pretty long drive.

I got 4 new tires today for $40 total. Okay, so none of
them match, and one of them is a firestone so I might die,
but it's all cool.

And Amanda should feel special. She is the only one I told
about the spencers thing. I don't know if I can take her
advice since I've tried it once before a long time ago, but
I will make an attempt. The only problem is the fact that
all of the other guys I'm interested in are either
Tiffani's leftovers or they can't make up their minds who
they want.