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2001-11-06 03:30:30 (UTC)

Getting Busy

I was going to cut out my jumper this morning but was
side-tracked by cleaning out one of the hall closets. It
took me almost four hours to sort through and organize
everything into boxes and put it all back but the
closet now is the essence of organization. There are three
more jumbled up closets to do. I'm NOT doing them tomorrow.

In the afternoon I baked chocolate brownies with frosting
for an after-school snack for the boys and then two peach
pies. I don't usually bake peach pies from canned peaches
but they were a special request from John's Dad. I'll bring
him over a piece or two or three on Wednesday. And since I
was making one pie, I figured I may as well make two.

Tomorrow, I hope, I will cut out my jumper and begin sewing