Babydoll in Hell

my life with the devils
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2001-11-06 03:25:21 (UTC)


dear diary,
im afraid i have bad news for myself as a matter of fact.
remember that guy named "C2"? yeah, well it turns out he
thinks he might LOVE "A2"!!! im have been really sad about
that. i really dont think its fais. i want one chance
with a hot guy but now it is utterly pointless to go after
him if he LOVES her. that would just be stupid. im not
into rejection. i mean, who is? but i think this is one
time i can relate to my list of things that piss me off. i
actually think i need to add one
when we confronted a lying piece of crap about rumors that
were going around about us she completely denied the entire
thing and we know that she was lying because she stupidly
told another friend of ours the rumor and our friend told
us, of course. so when we asked her about it she denied
it. then she decided to tell us that a diff friend thought
that what we were doing was bad as well. when we asked
our friend about it she said she was just joking around and
that if she was in our position, she would have done the
same thing. LIARS SUCK!!!
always and forever,

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