2001-11-06 03:21:42 (UTC)

science project!

I love matt! so much i didnt get to talk to him on msn
tonight though which really sux! I was at this gurl alex's
house working on our science project thatz due
TOMORROW! and the guyz in our group didnt do
anything well they did but it didnt help much! so alex
and i did the entire project tonight! i hate guyz! well
nicks ok! he did some stuff! and ive worked w/ nick b4
and we work pretty well together! alex and i got it done
after like 5 hours of working on it! we would have done
some stuff today in class but we couldnt!
Last saturday matt and i got in a fight! then he asked
me to have a sleepover w/ him this friday! i said i would
but i cant cuz im not going to my grand parents house
this weekend! and he lives around there so thatz the
only was i see him! but when i do itz so much fun!