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2001-11-06 02:51:21 (UTC)

"Sometimes I feel you want me to touch you" my tori story

"She is SO small" I thought to myself as she walked up to
our group, across the university concert hall's side
lawn.She had on jeans and a light blue textured top, her
hair was parted in the middle, with a little silver flower
barrette holding it back on one side. No makeup, just her
gorgeous skin and smile radiating over us all.
I was straining to see her , to make contact with that
face, those eyes. Too many people surrounding her... I
thought I would never find my way. I passed up the book for
her daughter. I had picked it out for Tash the night
before, hoping that Tori would see the magic in the little
book, as I had. I signed it "To Tash and her magical mommy,
with much love" A sweet boy (I'm old enough to be his
mother! Sigh.) passed it along to her, and another one had
her sign my cd . I was told that when he handed her the
book, she said "OH, I LIKE this!" I was happy to hear that,
and didn't hold out much hope at getting to talk to her
myself...but then...
Time stopped. She stopped, right in front of me, with only
about 4 or 5 people inbetween us. She was signing
something. The poor thing must've signed things the whole
time she was out with us.
I took my chance.
"Tori, That book is for Tash!"
She looked up. Right into my eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes
were completely focused on me.
"I know! It's magical." (just what I had written in the
I faltered, deer in the headlights vaguely smiling back at
her. Time froze.
"How ARE you?" she asked.
"Fine" I managed to whisper.
I guess I kept staring.
"What's your name?"
She reached out her hand, and held mine for a moment. That
hand. It plays THOSE songs. We connected. Just a brief
moment, but it meant the world to me.
The concert was so beautiful that night. Her third song
was "China", which includes the line "Sometimes, I feel you
want me to touch you." I was gone when I heard that. I
cried many times,over so many loving songs about
motherhood and true deep love. Fearless sexuality, gorgeous
warmth. I watched in reverent awe, glad to have been in the
same space with a woman so truly in tune with the most
blessed energy.

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