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2001-11-06 02:50:36 (UTC)

HEY hey

alright, what is up,
this is my first diary entry, i am a loser and i'm like
hey, lets have an online diary for random people to read
and make fun of my life-well,it sounded good to me-so here
i am writing. well,the other day i was babysitting and when
the kiddies went to bed i decided to flick on the old
independant film channel-why you ask? the answer it simple,
because that channel is just the best darn channel ever,
everyone knows that! and anywho there was this amazing
movie called "slc punk" on, its amazing!!! but the best
part was after the movie, the independant film channel
played these "short films" -as they happen to do quite
often-and it was about this guy trying to find words that
start with "V" so he was running around the city
going "noooo, mailbox does not start with V. telephone pole
does not start with V, but look what does start with
V...VACUME!!!" and then all these people dressed up as
Giant letter "v's" showed up and starting beating the poor
man, let me tell ya, it was vert humerous!!! no lie
well, that is all i have to say for now
i'll write more soon, cuz i know how much you all want to
read my diary-lol
well till next time,