i love mullets.
2001-11-06 02:44:43 (UTC)

oops, i know i just didnt send that! haha

well, this weekend was nothing special, went shopping and
downtown and to the fair on saturday, sunday did some stuff
for mom and went to church group. i was supposed to go out
with cute band guy friday night but that didnt work out :(
bummer. so the rest of the weekend i sat there convincing
myself that i was a loser for thinking i had a chance and
that he really didnt like me... haha... i had way too much
time on my hands or something. well today afterschool he
jumped in my car and was all telling me about his new
puppy, and i told him that i wanted to see it and he said
that we would meet someplace... preferably my house. aww!
does this mean anything? i don't know. i'm going to listen
to dave matthews band right now and hope that he gets