Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-11-06 02:42:48 (UTC)


floridasteve: O:-)
serenitysword: hi
floridasteve: :-)
floridasteve: new york sucks
serenitysword: thats fun
floridasteve: no it is not fun
serenitysword: how was it?
floridasteve: gram is in the hospital and its not fun
floridasteve: lots of laughs..just a blast!! oh yes getting
nurses to do their job ..convibcing a stubborn arogant
confessed christrian to do what she should do.. a blast
floridasteve: fun fun fun
floridasteve: yippy do da
serenitysword: yayness
floridasteve: huh?
floridasteve: hows tt doing?
floridasteve: oh lots.. i can tell by the quick response
serenitysword: yeah
floridasteve: care to share
serenitysword: just talking to people
floridasteve: like???
floridasteve: JESUS IS 8-)
floridasteve: smokin!!!
serenitysword: okay....
floridasteve: JESUS INSIDE
floridasteve: yeppers
floridasteve: so let me guess...its MATT
serenitysword: and im talking to will and mary and lisa
floridasteve: ohh..whats lisa's sign on name?
serenitysword: she doesnt have aol;
floridasteve: now thats weird...hummmmm?
floridasteve: what is it msn?
floridasteve: i got that too and yahoo
serenitysword: great
floridasteve: ok i will just get off and call her
serenitysword: ok
serenitysword: so i hear im pregnant
serenitysword: when did that happen?
floridasteve: if i remember the words right " oh so thats
the boy who knocked you up"
serenitysword: what do you mean?
floridasteve: whenyou were at the pool and swam up to your
mom and joey was there..she said " oh thats the boy who
knocked you up" remember?
serenitysword: yeah
serenitysword: but i never had sex with him
serenitysword: ive never had sex with anyone
serenitysword: ive never even done drugs let alone had sex
floridasteve: then what did your mom mean?
serenitysword: she was being sarcastic and mean
serenitysword: besides, that was in may, id sure as heck be
showing by now
serenitysword: and i wouldnt get my period
floridasteve: i am not accusing.. i am assimulating
serenitysword: right
floridasteve: i get very conflicting information TT
serenitysword: yeah from your non existant sorces
serenitysword: i think youd know me a little better than
floridasteve: no...from you..your mom..lisa..etc
serenitysword: no one said crap about joey besides my diary
floridasteve: i know you and wouldnt even have considered
any of it
floridasteve: get booted?
serenitysword: yeah
serenitysword: whatever
serenitysword: you thought i was pregnant and me and mom
were hiding it
floridasteve: oh, well in am trying to understand what is
going on with you... no i asked lisa if that may be what
wqas going on?
serenitysword: and you asked ashley
serenitysword: and they both told you knwo
serenitysword: you should have known that
serenitysword: im not two faced
serenitysword: im not a hypocrite
floridasteve: yes i did... well you are not acting like my
serenitysword: i dont say one thing and do another
floridasteve: really? hummm shall i start on you
serenitysword: that doesnt mean im pregnant
serenitysword: someone can be hurt and upset and not be
floridasteve: what does it mean
serenitysword: your hurt and upset and i dont say your
floridasteve: i am upset with you and the way you are acting
floridasteve: not your mom ..not lisa
serenitysword: how am i acting?
floridasteve: i love you..i trusted you and you have been
pissed at me.. i told you i was sorry and i am sorry you
are upset with me..
serenitysword: thats great
serenitysword: but you still broke my trust
floridasteve: thats all i can do and you know that
floridasteve: oh really how?
serenitysword: you lied to me
floridasteve: how?
floridasteve: tell me not someone else
serenitysword: i trusted you, i stood up for you, i denyed
you had a girlfriend, i actually believed you when you said
you went to sues, i actually believed you were honest and
would do what you say
floridasteve: right to my face.. tell me tricia.. I LOVE
serenitysword: but your not my dad anymore
serenitysword: your not who i knew
floridasteve: oh really?..humm did i not tell you i like
Lee Ann.. did I not tell you I wanted to marry her one day
if she would have me..didn't we joke in the truck before i
went about how you were going to have a band with Lee's
kids you ashley amanda and weston? remember purple cowboy
boots????? hummm?
serenitysword: whatever
serenitysword: you never said anything about her kids
floridasteve: selective memories
floridasteve: oh yes i did and that is not what is
important here!
serenitysword: you better not hurt those kids
serenitysword: or her
serenitysword: im dead serious
floridasteve: you are on some serious drugs! I was the one
getting the cops called on me when i was called there by
your mom and she was throwing YOU [email protected]! now I was the one
being choked in the bathroom and beaten ..
serenitysword: that was later
serenitysword: apparently you forget ny
serenitysword: you forget jason
floridasteve: It was me being threatened with being killed
and stopping others from killing have
something messed up
serenitysword: you forget all those wonderful wakins glen
floridasteve: what about those wonderful days in watkins
floridasteve: humm the one with lisa trying to stab me and
your mom with broken glass?
floridasteve: the ones with lawyers up the butt so her and
wendy and jason had a place to saty cause their dad abused
serenitysword: like you didnt
floridasteve: I didnt!
serenitysword: sure, theyre dad wasnt great
serenitysword: why do you think the ghosts in our old house
hated you?
serenitysword: they wanted to protect us
serenitysword: me and ashley and colleen
floridasteve: oh Tricia.. you know better and thats is what
is upsetting me.. i am not going to argue with you..thats
not the point
serenitysword: i know better?
serenitysword: look who lost the truth
floridasteve: was i perfect no..but i love you and always
have and always will..i am sorry for the bad times
serenitysword: look who thinks adultry covers adultry
floridasteve: do you want to come to the wedding?
serenitysword: to stop it, perhaps
floridasteve: really why?
serenitysword: i dont want those kids to have a ruined life
floridasteve: and i ask you is legalism the way
that the way to God?
serenitysword: the only way to God is Jesus
serenitysword: and obeying him
floridasteve: you have accepted lies from have bought into legaliasm from your mom and now
you have turned and judge and hate your dad...but that does
not matter ..cause i will always love you]
floridasteve: no matter what..i will love you!
serenitysword: i make my own decisions
serenitysword: i dont listen to what other people tell me
to do
serenitysword: i weigh out the circumstances
floridasteve: really..then i ask you again why are you mad
at me..
serenitysword: because everything you taught me to do you
went back on
serenitysword: you preach the word and muck it all up
floridasteve: i love you.. i am sorry you feel that
way..tell me what
floridasteve: JESUS IS LORD
serenitysword: why bother telling you
serenitysword: you obviously are set in your ways and dont
want to change
floridasteve: ummm cause you love me and want to save me?
serenitysword: you cant save someone who thinks they
already are
floridasteve: i would love to come back tricia.... and this
time i would go to court and fight it out!!
floridasteve: really? you can't save someone who was saved
by Jesus once...why is that?
serenitysword: what???
serenitysword: fight what out?
serenitysword: im not going to live with you
floridasteve: no kidding....
floridasteve: you have warped the truth my daughter
floridasteve: i love you and i am not trying to get you to
live with me
serenitysword: warped what truth?
serenitysword: the truth of God or the lies you speak you
call truth?
floridasteve: lets try the truth of GOD
floridasteve: tell me..were does it say that you are not to
help those who were GODS?
floridasteve: if you are right and i dont know God then why
aren't you there to help me get back to him?
floridasteve: why are you condeming me?
serenitysword: you think you are
floridasteve: were is the love?
serenitysword: for the lie your living in with her
floridasteve: what lie is this?
serenitysword: for the adultry you know your commiting, an
the useless pain
floridasteve: what useless pain
floridasteve: by freeing myself from an abusive situation?
floridasteve: a situation of hatred and lies?
floridasteve: what situation TRicia?
floridasteve: I LOVE YOU!!!
floridasteve: Ok... lets see.. I will speak for you then
floridasteve: 1. I should have stayed and puit up with the
serenitysword: no
serenitysword: you shouldnt have run off with a woman
floridasteve: 2. I should not be with Lee Ann
serenitysword: bought an expensive car to impress her
floridasteve: what?
serenitysword: moved her and her innocent children to penn
floridasteve: are you talking about
serenitysword: screwed them all over
serenitysword: but you dont care
serenitysword: you dont think
serenitysword: you see you
serenitysword: thats it
floridasteve: I didnt move them here..they moved me here
serenitysword: im going now
floridasteve: sorry ask them
floridasteve signed off at 9:40:44 PM.

That was last night. I was like, grrs.

Anyhoo, just wanted to put that out.

I found the tabs for just waht i needed. That doesnt
suck. For some reason my puter aint letting me go to

Well, Matt, I love you sooo much! And huggles and mary, i
luss you guys too!