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2001-11-06 02:33:45 (UTC)

I wish I wasn't always sick

This sucks soooo much. For like the past 2 months ive been
sick for 2 weeks then not sick for a few days and it keeps
going on and on and on over and over and over again. I
wanna die. Well no i don't really but this time its
horrible. I really hate being sick. Tonight is going to
suck. I have 2 hours of skating practice and i feel like
crap. Plus i can barely do anything anymore anyway because
my skates are so broken down and they hurt my ankles and my
feet and it hurts just to stand on them. I only have 3 more
weeks before my new skates are getting finished being made
though so i guess i shouldnt complain except i got a
competition coming up so i either skate in crappy skates
that hurt or new skates that also hurt because they are
being broken in. Well i have to go to practice now for a
wonderful night full of new coreography i cant do LaTeRz!!