2001-11-06 02:17:37 (UTC)

Fluffy Got Hit By A Mack Truck!! It Was Probably Red, It Was Probably....

Oooooooo spiffy new diary!! Isn't it cute? Now I don't
hafta make seperate pages and find midi's and such. I've
become so lazy in my old age. =0) Antiways, I'm going to
pretend most of last week never happened and concentrate on
the good moments. (As few as there are.) Lemme see..
Halloween was nice. Me, my brother, sister, and friend
Eddie all went trick-or-treating. We yelled that everybody
has the "Thrax", nearly got killed by a crazy guy, visited
my ex bf's house, (Not the one your all thinkin of), and
chucked crackers back to those who were dumb enough to give
them to us. Good'ol American fun. Oh!! Did I mention I am a
proud member of the Bowling Team!? Yeah yeah, to you sporty
people it's all nerdy and shiot, but I think it's fun. I
can't bowl worth a shiot, but I'll sure as hell try!! I'm
so proud of myself, I'm about as girly as you can get. Ah
In other less interesting news I went to see that new Disney
movie "Monsters Inc" on Sunday. There was about 50,000 little kids,
and then me and my brother. I never felt so incredibly old. It was an
ok movie, not that greatest but not the worst. I wanted to go
see "Thirteen Ghosts" but everyone in my family was to chicken. I
need to find a nice, sweet, cute boy to take me. (*Hint Hint*) Has
anyone ever heard of a Petal-Chi? It's like those robotic cats and
dogs, only a cute little flower. I want one soooooo bad. Lol, my bro
bought one for his GF. I was tempted to steal it. It's adorable. Ah
well, maybe I'll buy myself one for Xmas. (Hehehehe)....