wRiTiNgS oF a GiRL
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2001-11-06 02:17:05 (UTC)

Miles and Miles of Perfect Skin...I swear I do, I do fit in...

Another bad day. I don't know why I have these days, I just
do. And, they really upset me. I don't know why that is
either. I'm so far away from everyone else. I don't even
know what to talk about. Got my teacher to change the Bio
test until tomorrow, but I don't think that will help,
cause I feel miserable, can't concentrate, so therefore
probably will fail my test. But, oh well. Shan made me a
birthday cake, it was good. I'm going to take the rest to
school tomorrow, and give it around the caf at lunch. :) I
can't eat it all anyways, it will make me fat. I have
basketball practice at 7:10 tomorrow morning, I feel like
crud and don't wanna go, but I have too. We have a game on
Thursday, hopefully I'll feel better then. Um...Getting a
school ring tomorrow, well, ordering it...yeah, that's
pretty much it. Anyways, gotta go. See ya.

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