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2001-11-06 02:14:10 (UTC)

Single And LOVING It

relationships are so overrated.

yeah. right.

no, i'm serious.

well, thanks for just saying that to make me feel better,
but i'd like to be able to judge for myself.

you're lucky you don't have a boyfriend. you're completely
free, no one to answer to, no one to worry about, you can
make your own decisions without regard for anyone else. i
wish i had that.

you have someone to watch out for you, you have someone to
love you, someone to cuddle with on the couch, to go out
for dinner with and to hold hands with and do things like
feed ducks and whatnot. all that fun bullshit.

that's all it is, you know. bullshit.

i wish i had that kind of bullshit in my life.