Senior Year
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2001-11-06 02:12:46 (UTC)


Well today wasn't so horrible. I went home sick during
period 2, but I felt better right after I got home so
basically I just hung out all day, plus I got out of
work :) Not too shabby, except tomorrow I have school, then
math tutor, then fun work from 4-9. I really want to not
have a job anymore. While I love working at Nine West, I
just can't stand working with Julie and just can't stand
the boredom sometimes. But I don't like it when we're
extremely busy, cuz I'm the only one who cleans and then
have to stay later cuz no one else helps. I like the nice
paycheck though. Not too bad either. I mean, about $200
every other week is pretty good. I just don't want to work
4-9 tomorrow, especially after my tutor, and then have to
work it again on Wednesday. At least then I'm off till
Sunday (then 12-6:30) and then Monday, which REALLY sucks
and I'm beyond pissed at. My day off from school, and I
freaking have to work from 1 to 9!! I don't need that 8
hours in my paycheck, thanks. Plus then I work again that
next Sunday from 12-6, and then Monday from 3-9. I guess
it's ok cuz I'm off for the next 3 weeks thanks to my
wonderful surgery.
I should really be studying pyschology right now, but I
just don't have the energy. I hate that class, and I hate
Mr. C, and why do we have to know about 100 pages of
material? I don't care if it's an AP class, this sucks
royally. I'll just go over the main terms and worksheets,
and study tomorrow during my free period. Maybe this time
I'll actually make it to period 2 :)
I'm angry with Matt again. He doesn't like any of my guy
friends (of course) and is still acting controlling. I do
have other guys I could be with, but he doesn't seem to get
that. All he sees is the fact that I made out with Justin,
when we both don't think anything of it really- well I
think Justin's hot, but that's about it. Anyways, ciao for

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