2001-11-06 02:12:06 (UTC)

another dream...

Being in a world of unpure intentions
swallowed in the hole which didn't mention
the hidden truth of it all
sometimes I find it hard to breath
faster do I fall
my god i cannot scream

that tunnel with the light so near
I thought I saw it...
it seemed so clear
ooooo how the rain drop in buckets on my eyes
oooo when we're mad there's so much we despise

I cannot fathom all of this destruction
which entered our hearts
turned against our brethren.
I see babies with tears
flowing down thicker than blood
I see people are drowning...
quickly drowning from the flood.

Im tired and I have to go
Im tired but Ill let you know
that we're here and witness
the burden it gives us
and I wish it were different
this hell that we've lived in