A look inside my head
2001-11-06 01:52:59 (UTC)


I feel so bad about Clif sometimes. He practically worships
me, but I have no feelings for him other that best friend.
Everyday he suprises me with Jawbreakers and smarties, and
he gave me something he made in art class. He's soooo
sweet. Every one thinks we're going out because we're
always hanging out in the halls between classes and he and
I are always talking. But I would never ever ever be able
to picture myself as his girlfriend. Tim, on the other
hand, is a different story. He's so fun to be around, and
him and Matt and Josh are awesome. Jess is telling me to
ask him out, but I wouldn't do that until we're better
friends, for risk of rejection. Fear of rejection and
critisizim are my two biggest flaws. Take Amanda. Right
this second she's telling me how I do my makeup wrong. How
she and "a bunch of people" think so too. And how she
thinks I wear too much concealer, but for her info, the
only makeup I wear is tinted moistureizer and mascara. so
there, bitch. AHHHHHH! I hope she gets hit by a truck. Just
kidding, I'm not that mean. I'm just mad at estupido
ronaldo, from spanish class. Whatever. I need some sleep.