Pish posh
2001-11-06 01:52:17 (UTC)

Procrastination...Part One

Why have I started one of these damn things? The obsession
is melding into my interests, taking over my time between
the alarm and the class bell...The best way to kick a habit
is to embrace it. I've heard this doesn't work with
smoking. You never know.

The whole idea is dangerous, in its own way. Perhaps I'll
find I have nothing to say, or at the very least, no
appropriate words in which to say it. I'm not an event
oriented person, and the times when I'd recourse to an
online diary to chatter will inevitably breed

I'm feeling very anti-social right now-perhaps the online
diary is the perfect outlet for that instinct. This is
impersonal, right? many senses of the word, her "yo"

I think I will feel hurt if no one reads this--thus is ego.
The utter contradiction of this sentence, and that opening
the last paragraph. I am: an anti-socialite who craves

Maybe I should just talk I am sitting in my
dorm room, alone, listening to David Gray drift from under
my bed, the only convenient place for my cd player. Danny
was here, but he left his book in his own room and left.
Better that way, I suppose. I wanted to see him, and yet
didn't. Actually, what I've really been craving is my
Latin, the utter order of the words that can still catch
beauty in between the letters, the age-old lines. Can I
help that I'm a closet (or open) intellectual?? Status quo.

I'd like to share a little something I came up with for AIM:
I'm rather proud of it...

Spirit Week.
What exactly is spirit week?

spirit spir-et n (excerpts) 2c: an often malevolent being
that enters and possesses a human being 4: the immaterial
intelligent or sentient part of a person 10a: the liquid
containing ethyl alocohol and water that is distilled from
an alcoholic liquid or mash

week wëk 1a: any of a series of 7-day cycles used in
various calendars.

Let us review. Spirit week is:
A seven-day period dictated by a human convention (the
calendar) during which the intelligent part of a human
being becomes irrationally bitter and malevolently infests
another human, while under the influence of alchohol.

So...why was I supposed to wear pajamas today?

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