The Squizz
2001-11-06 01:45:35 (UTC)

The beginning

Ok... so this is the beginning of the squizz. For those
still in the dark Squizz refers to the aussie noun "look".
How is this? That the country has hit a recession and the
job force is crumbling... yet I have entertained many
different job offers. Its official, someone royally fucked
To include a bit of neo drama -- Never give whisky to a guy
that can't handle it. Hands through windows make midnight
safeway runs standard fare... and its especially
interesting to hold bloody paper towels on a guys wrist
while he verbally chastises himself for being such loser as
to put his hand through a fucking window. Go figure.
Though to clarify, this guy isn't a loser at all...
I will refrain from telling the whole story for the sake of
those involved, but needless to say it keeps life
I must say that beauty is a curse! It is the facade that
gives until it takes your very soul away.
Went to a cafe for a solo coffee and a spot of reading last
night. I was there maybe 10 minutes before I had a guy
swearing to the entire cafe that I was the most beautiful
woman on earth. Which of course meant that he had to get
his 4 friends opinions as well. Almost as embarassing as
the restaurant episode -- made to stand on a chair in the
middle of the restaurant, while they dimmed the lights,
and one of the waiters sang a ballad to me...
oh yes, I can survive anything! Of course nothing beats
the occasional butter fingered waiter dropping a tray and
looking really embarassed. By my own opinion I am far from
beautiful, I am myself... As american as apple pie without
the filling, all enticing on the outside yet lacking