2001-03-20 00:22:10 (UTC)

Yuck. What a bad excuse for a..


What a bad excuse for a day.

I didn't do much school. In the shower this morning I felt
incredibly nauseous, but tough little soldier that I am (and
often not so intelligent, I might add), I went to class
anyway. Basically, I had math and then science. We were
watching a movie about dinosaurs in 8B and I started to feel
greener than ever. I am not at all prissy, but feeling like
I'm coming down with something ON TOP of having to see
prehistoric creatures take dumps as big as, well, this desk,
is not my idea of fun. So I went home.

Worse than any virus is how I'm feeling emotionally at this
moment. Despair. I am definitely not the most unattractive
girl in eighth grade. I am nice, I am smart. But what is it
this year that no guys seem to want to notice me? Last year
I was THE big deal. For guys in all the grades. About five
usually older guys always had crushes on me at any given
moment. I suppose this is how most girls feel all the time.
And yeah, E (of course) doesn't like me. He likes A, that
dyed blonde I mentioned earlier. To look on the bright side,
at least I have more friends, and more people like me as a
person this year. But I'm still down a bit.

I have started a strict diet, along with that nasty
exercise routine. I really, really want to be THIN this
year. I tacked up a photo of a Cosmopolitan model who looks
a bit like me (if I weighed about 30 pounds less) on the
refrigerator. God, let's hope it motivates me.