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2001-11-06 01:42:58 (UTC)

An ordinary day with a kick

Happy birthday to me! Well today i turned a whopping 20..
yes im old.. i have reached the end of my teenage years.. i
guess it sounded much more exciting when i was younger and
couldnt wait to "grow up" now the table has turned.. to
start off my entry i suppose i should tell you a bit about
my crazy life.. i have a two bedroom apartment that i share
with three other people... 5 cats and an iguana.. and a
ferret is soon to be joining the "happy" family.. my
kitties names are .. fatty.. mason.. sammy.. shithead.. and
shadow.. the iguanas name is stan and i have yet to pick
out a name for the ferret.. since i have been living in
this hell hole i have gone through 2 roomies.. one is now
in nyc.. and the other was driven out by insanity.. i live
with my boyfriend.. someone from school and her recent
b/f.. craziness all the time.. so thats pretty much a brief
history of my household.. moving on..
i had a pretty good birthday .. went xmas shopping.. got a
free bottle of wine at the outlet mall..and a cute card from my
boyfriend that put a smile on my face.. not too bad at
all.. well i guess this is enough for one entry.. plenty
more later ..