Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-11-06 01:40:47 (UTC)

Another Late entry

Well here we go again .... late late late. That is okay
though cus that means I am goin to try and make this really
long. I hope. Okay. Starting with this weekend. Chris and
Daria stayed the night Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
night. I dont kno I guess we had fun. Friday I had a party.
Like thirteen people were there. Lots were missing but we
managed. Chris, Matt, Antonio, Michelle, Daria, Willie,
Scott, David, Daniel, Nadine, Ben, Rachel, Matthew, Naomi,
and Me. Wait a minute ... that is fifteen. Hehehe. oops.
Okay well .... it wasnt supposed to be a party but it ended
up that way. Everyone stayed the night except Rachel,
Matthew, Naomi, Michelle, Ben and Nadine. They went home.
It was pretty fun. We were goin to play Fucked up Tag ...
(that is Hide-and-seek and tag put together .. hella fun)
but that got ruined. I rather not say why. We all went to
be pretty late. Which is okay. Saturday David cooked us all
breakfast. Then we all got ready and took pictures. .....
Okay well not all of us. It was only David, Willie, Scott,
Daniel, Chris, and myself who took the picture and Daria
went but didn't take it with us. After that Daria and I
went to see Monsters Inc. and that basically ended the day.
There was a lot more going on but they aren't so important.
Hehehe. Okay well Sunday we went to church in the morning,
came home picked up Daria ... took her home .... and we
took Daniel out to Breakfast. He is moving to Missouri in a
few days. Sniffles ... he is a good friend. He will be
missed ... just like TIMMY is. After that Daniel left at
2:00 and My mom, Chris and I went to Chinatown in San
Francisco at around 4. We were there for a good 4 - 5
hours. Kewlios. Okay ..... well let me see. Before this
weekend the rest of the week was pretty boring. I stayed
home on Halloween and had to pass out candy to lil brats.
Just Kidding! ........... Now that I have said everything
about my weekend ...... I didnt say much about my feelings.
Which were pretty much either really hi .... or really low.
It bugs me to talk about my feelings this weekend because
most of them were really low. So I guess that would sum it
all up. Other then all that I guess everything else was
pretty good. But for now ............. till later .........

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