like a kamikazie no fear of death
2001-11-06 01:34:55 (UTC)

To shun or follow

I think I've fallen in love but I know it will never happen
and it sux ass. I want to go with her so bad but she is
with one of my friends and there is no chance of her
breaking up with him in the next decade. This is probably
the hardest thing I'm gonna have to deal with in my life.
The tragic pain of the love that can never be reached. I
still don't know what to do it is completly messed up and
is just tearing up my heart and my mind. Well I don't
really want her to know but I am completly falling in love
with her and it gets more and more painful every day. I
think I just need to back off but it would completely tear
me up. Most likely I'll wind up slicing my wrists and
crashin for good I just don't want to know that I hurt her
by doing that. Well I'll talk to you tomorrow