the "new" diary
2001-03-20 00:20:47 (UTC)

I haven t done an entry in a..

I haven't done an entry in a looong time so i decided to
start a new diary. i am doing it for Paul,one of my friends.
To inform any one who has no idea who i am, i am a 13 year
old boy from Clorado.I have gone trough 4
girlfriends this year all of who were bi**es. If i REALLY
REALLY tried i might find a girl that wasn't one but i dont
want to have to waste all my time if it dosent work out. Now i am not
going to date till highschool probably. Any way my mom is about to re-
marry towards the end of Spring ,to a pretty cool guy,and i am going
to move to a huge house. My friend Paul likes this 5th grader (he is
in 7th and says he likes younger girl. dont ask me) named Molly
however, he never asks her out and i think the reason she is saying
no to his friends(who are asking for him)is because she
wants him to ask her. Paul is very shy unless he is talking
to me or or 3 other friends.He just moved to Colorado so i
cant blame him. I just went to a dance a little while ago and even
though i broke up with my girlfriend during the dance i found people
to dance with. my friend crynevercries has been through a hard life
(or at least it is compared to mine) and if you could please read
hers. To get to it search for author and put Crynevercries in it.
this is getting long so im going to wrap it up
"untill next time remember God loves you"