Reality Bites
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2001-11-06 01:32:10 (UTC)


Ok so today was wierd, we went into the city to a
was alright, I got to sit w/ John (junior John) and we
chatted a lot...Then I came home at like 1 and talked to
senior John...i shouldnt talk to him, I dont like him at
all, he hella likes me, I just shouldnt talk to him, but me
being the retard I am, it makes me feel better at first to
hear him say all that shit to me that Jesse wont say...I
need to stop it. I'm gonna tell John tonite that I cant
talk to him anymore...I think its best.

Im having major image issues guys...I feel like the ugliest
person on this earth..I went to therepy today and she was
bitching to me about loving myself...I just need to loose
20 more pounds then I can like myself. How can everyone
straightface tell me im not fat..have they seen me? I hate
hearing that its all in my head...its not! I wish it was,
if it was Jesse would like me..gtg