lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-11-06 01:07:49 (UTC)

the "mark" of a good day...heh heh

yeah lemme start off with a story. in chem today, my
friend megan and i were talking about this guy mark, and
how he looked like someone famous. so we told him that we
didn't know who, but he definitely looked like a TV show
guy...and he said, "i know. i look like zach from saved by
the bell. i get it a lot" and the reason this was a cool
thing is cuz he does...hehe... yay!!

and THEN after class, mark was in the hall talking to some
cheerleader, and he kinda hit me as i walked by him. he
grabbed my arm and said, "i'm so sorry! hey, by the way, i
really like your hair-" and he was starting to walk w/ me
but then his cheerleader friend whipped him into shape and
cut him off but yeah. it was a good moment cuz mark is
like the funniest kid on the face of the planet and he's
becoming (gasp) my friend. someday i will win over the
cheerleaders!! HAHA!!!! (maybe)

good stuff...and then the second half of yesterday was
good...wah ah ah. marisa and annie took me to target,
which was really fun. BUT we didn't find aziz and we
didn't get to go on aisle 15...aww shnapps, maybe next
time, ehh?? and we can see chip potts!!

and then i went to the hendogs and we discussed...uhh food,
surgery, and algebra 2...i'm glad that i now know of
logical adults who agree that it is useless.
unfortunately, i don't go to special school where i can
quit it...ahh i wish.

then we went to the book study and beat the donahues car,
if anyone asks. yes we did. legally, too.

then marisa took me home and we sat outside for an hour
discussing the great things of life...and she didn't shoot