Joselin The Mexican
2001-11-06 01:03:30 (UTC)

first entry, by: Me

This is the first time I do anything like this. Its
weird... the concept on an on line diary... a diary, that
is on line... and PUBLIC, but they are supposed to be
personal and private... strange, its probably mostly people
who are good writers and want to practice or (the more
likely of the two) people who want to be herd, an outlet if
you will, this is my purpose: an outlet that will allow me
to view myself in retrospect, a mirror I suppose. Some
times one needs this first of all, to be able to see what’s wrong,
then to come to grips with it and finally, and most
importantly, to correct ones "faults."
It seems right to explain what I consider a fault to be but
first I want to say that faults, like everything, are
relative. Its all a human concept, how we view things
as "right" or "wrong." You see, we maybe all right with
ourselves but if we affect our surrounding society (friends
family etc..) then it’s our duty to change this so we become
more acceptable, so we don't mess up the chemistry and the
balance that makes us get along. This is what I want to fix
in myself, the problem is I don't know what to fix or how
to go about fixing this ambiguous problem(s)
What i want to do is write and write and write and then
read all i have written to hopefully come to some sort of
realization and be able to find my philosophy in life,
guide lines to live by that make my life easier and more
Feed back would help, if you have time one day and i happen
to say something clever enough, help me so i am able to
help myself... a very selfless propose (sarcastic remark)
but maybe one day YOU will run in to me and then you'll be
glad because you helped me become a better person! See,
this will affect you too, in some way or another.

KATY: (and SAM, cuz you guys are the best!) you’re the people I want
to share this with, I haven’t told any of our other friends yet. When
I feel comfortable enough I will.
Yea, I feel like such a dork but like you said Sam, it’s a good way
to get who we are out there, so people understand.