Not So Pretty

burn out
2001-11-06 01:03:09 (UTC)

Land Of The DoDo's

how are you today? Yeah well....I feel like Poo. My head hurts
really bad, and I think I'm gonna have to go sleep for about an hour
or so. So I canget rid of my headache. I woke up this morning and I
stabbed myself in the eye with the very tip of my mascara... you
know... the part that's just metal. And I totally fucked up my make
up. My ee was watering really really bad and I was like "AHHHH!"
and it wouldn't stop. and right now I'm typing with my eyes shut. So
it's kinda hard to type without looking at the screen looking for
typos and what not. ummm I'm hoping that my mom will take me out
to have coffee tonight. I really wanna see Mike....I wish he didn't
have such pretty eyes.. then I wouldn't like him so much. But n e
wayz. Today my grandma had surgery done on her Foot and she had a
couple little bones taken out. it was all becuz of a diabetic ulcer
that had formed on the bottom of her big toe like... maybe... a
year ago. And it hasn't gone away since. But hopefully it will
disappear in a couple of dayz.... so like YAYbeanz! I hope she feels
better. But for the time being, I have to take care of her birds and
guinea pigs.It's really not that bad though. I rather enjoy it. But
I could never become used to it. I think the biggest turn off is the
bird shit in the water containers. It's like... whoa... disgusting.
AHHH!!!!! I was supposed to tae a test today in science class after
School, but Dumbass me didn't even think of doing it.. I wish I
wasn't so fucking stupid. and I need to do the rough draft of my
essay on western washington and eastern washington indians. It's due
tomorrow. But I hope that Mr. Allen will let me have a couple extra
dayz to finish it, cuz I wasn't at school for a while. He's nice
like that. But I gotta go now...I guess I have more jobs to do
around the house since my grandma is not able to get up off the
couch.... bye! sorry for any typos... but forget about them, my mom's
bitching BYE!!! ~Jecka~