"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-11-06 00:55:50 (UTC)

Its been a while

Yeah yeah I know it has been a while since the last time I
wrtoe something in here but I have been tired and not felt
like it. Well Today Tiffani gave me a pic of her in the
dress I wore for halloween and she has on of me in the same
dress. I think her pic looks good of her I was glad to
take it and Im glad she let me but I guess she might have
wanted mine to. This Thursday is our last game and i hope
we win we need to win but, we are going to win so thats
kool. She watns to come shopping with me when I have to
buy stuff for youth and Government. Like a blazer and
stuff like that. Well I have to do the KIDS SNL this
weekend so that not going to be kool I can do the bigs ones
to. I could beat all of them up at the same time.( yeah
right) But I know I could one at a time. I have to stop
being so vain. I use to not but I am for somereason now
and I dont like it so I have to stop. And another thing Im
not gay.( you know who you are, said with a straight
face). Well i dont have much more to sya so I guess I will