2001-03-19 23:49:08 (UTC)

3/19/01 3:35pm..

3/19/01 3:35pm
I always get push aside or forgotten about.I hate when
people think it's OK to put me DOWN!!!! But it's not ok Iam
a person I hate when they do that to me.. I cant help it
that I'm NOT SMART or PRETTY!!!! I cant help it if I dont
look older or things I want to say dont come out like . I
want them too.

I really try to be better I DO ! But the harder I try
more I FAIL. I dont know what I'llhave to do ?
How come I got nothing?
I have no looks ,Iam not smart ,I'm the oldest and I get
pushed back like am no one.

All I do got is a empty heart and pain and saddness.... I
so sick of being known as there SICK DAUGHTER......God I
hate when people call me that......
Do you know I only had 13 mnths of the spotlight then she
was born and for the last 23 yrs I have been living in her
shadow ,,,,,When she post to be living in my shadow!!!!!!!!