Dreamland's Nightmares
2001-11-05 23:43:38 (UTC)

The First Entry

I guess everybody needs a vent once in awhile. One of my
friends started using an online journal awhile back to get
her thoughts together and i thought that maybe it was time
that i started that again. I used to have an online diary
of sorts when i was on AOL that i updated all the time,
now...i've just kind of forgotten. come to think of it,
i've forgotten a lot of things lately. most of all, i think
i've forgotten who i am. my title is kind of
odd "dreamland's nightmares" but then again, to get it,
you'd have to know me. i'm an odd person, very odd if you
ask my friends. speaking of which, i don't even know if i
have friends any more. things have, well...changed. i just
don't seem to have anybody who understands me, you get it?
that's all i want, somebody to be there for me when i need
it, but it's just not going to happen. i'd go into it more,
but i have to get off line. more later? but of course, its
what i started this for, right? now maybe i won't have to
scare people with my crazy thoughts anymore, i'll just vent
in here. until then...
the dark one