life of a lozer
2001-11-05 23:36:52 (UTC)

once in a blue moon...

Hey hEy heY! can u believe it? it wasn't all that bad of a
day! and all the homework i have left is sum math. simply
amazing...(once in a blue moon) and since my rents arent
home, i'm still in a good mood! lately the fighting between
them is just so stoopid, yet stressful and annoying. and
being rite in the smack-dab middle of it is not a good
place to be, and it aint fair either. arg. yeah so anyhoo,
yeah, nuffin too exciting happened at skool today. so now
i'm just bummin round and talkin to a few people online,
Matt and Kevin, and listenin to sum music. Lauren asked me
to go to Young Life, that youth group thingy, but i must
say i will haveta pass. not like she reallie wanted me to
go! i bet anyone $10 it was her mom that said she should
call and ask me. its definately not my crowd anyway. all
them popular kids. all of laurens new friends... i would
take a pass any day. but i'm going to a concert with her
saturday. i think it will be quite interesting, just seeing
what all goes down, ya kno, if they even bother
acknowledging i'm there too! but i'm doin quite fine
without em. well, anyhoo, i think i'm done fer today.
tomorro, well, be continued...