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2001-11-05 23:32:27 (UTC)

Another day with my heart in the rain......

Today I started my day with clouds in my eyes and heavy
rain falling in my heart. Another day to drag my self
along, never quite sure where I'm actually going. This was
a normal day, just like any other depressed and lonely day,
and had it not been for my shining light, it may even have
been unbearable.

And who is my shining light you ask?

It could only be one person. One sweet, kind-hearted,
wonderfully perfect person. Daniel. He is my sweety, He
brightens my day, even when I'm in the most gloomy of
moods, he makes me laugh and gives me the desire to smile.
I know that he is probably the nicest person I have ever
went out with, and that isn't suprising, since he's so
perfect and all. This morning, the first thing I got from
him was one of his great big hugs, and a look that caused
my heart to stop, for I know of no girl who could resist
such a penetrating look as his. It's really quite sexy.
Daniel is really quite sexy. Well anyways, I really wanna
spend more time with him, if my schedule allowed it. My
mom is pushing at getting our house cleaned up so that I
could invite Daniel over every once in awhile after school,
that would be so great. We could just hang out and play
games and watch t.v. or something, something as simple as
that would surely lift my spirits. I'm almost positive.
Could this be the beginning of love? I have no idea, all I
know is that it feels so good to be with him.

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