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2001-11-05 23:30:59 (UTC)

Seattle, Eat Our Dust

With bands ranging from Green Day to Papa Roach,
including Linkin Park, Blink 182, and No Doubt, has
california finally taken over as the Mecca of rock music?
Are people getting sick of California, or is there still
room for up and comers like UVR?

In the early 90's no one expected grunge from seattle.
It just sort of hit, adn faded. Garage bands were popping
up all over, and everyone wanted to be the next Nirvana.
But, when Kurt killed himself, the MTV glory started to
fade, and by then bands had sprung up all over the nation.
Green Day's Northern California roots were not as much as
issue as their pure punk grunge music.

No Doubt came shortly behind, adding a sense of pop and
ska to the grunge scene, and reserving a place for So-Cal
on the Rock Map. Their Style was original, and their tunes
were catchy.

Here we are about 5 years later, and we've paid witness
to bands like Papa Roach and Linkin Park, both out of the
Northern Cal area, and bringing deep rock to the Valley.
Their success is well deserved, and I hope to hear a lot
more from them in the future.

Blink 182 provided a solid blow in the fight to
legitimize Cali Rock. They provided an alternative to soft
spoken boy bands and love ballads with catchy pop rock. I
know a lot of people think they sold out to become famous,
but take it from someone who seen them in their first few
shows in San Francisco (where they were suppoprted as much
as in their home twon of San Diego).

Is the world tired of Cali? Is there room for up and
coming bands from the Golden State? I hope so. There's a
lot of great music still to come from our huge state.

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