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2001-11-05 23:16:53 (UTC)


Everything indicates that you're supposed to do better the
second time you take it; scores are higher in the fall; you
do better the older you are... so of course I do worse.
Stupid test! Waste of my Saturday, to sit in a classroom,
frantically trying to solve problems that some assholes
have magically decided will give them an accurate picture
of my intelligence. Maybe they're right. Maybe I am
stupid. What kind of a moron can't even fucking break
1400?? I was supposed to do better. I knew I would, so
why didn't I? 95th percentile in verbal?? At this rate
I'll be illiterate by next spring. 30 points. My verbal
score dropped 30 points. Whoopdeedoo, my math score is 20
points higher... that's still a 10 point deficit. What the
hell? I was so sure that I'd have at least a 1400... at
LEAST... I NEED it... it' s not fair! Why? And why now?
Yes, folks, the results are in, I am officially getting
stupider. Just confirmation of what everyone already knew.

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