*pRiNcEsS' DiArY*
2001-11-05 23:15:30 (UTC)

Well today was pretty..

Well today was pretty cool..yesterday i started going out
with marc..this REALLY hott 10th grader:) hehe! Me, Cayla,
and Amanda are now officialy Garrett's "Hoe-Nanny'S"
Lol..Well today at lunch like someone fed a bunch of sea
gulls food so like they were EVERYWHERE and it was a
mess...My friendz ex was all being mean to her..bc he is
the DUMPEE and she is the DUMPER..HAHA:) well I beat amanda
in writing the LONGER note! What else happended today?
Today wasnt that fun of a day to tell you the truth! Well i
gotta go bc i have dance soon

Luv Alwayz