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2001-11-05 23:05:51 (UTC)

*november 5 - anthony*

this weekend was beyond boring, so there was no point in
writing about it.

today was okay. i had mcas, meaning a whole period with
anthony. which was sweetness, but math first period was
kind of second grade date. he was really tired i guess,
thats what he said. he seemed seriously mad at me though,
he wouldnt hold my hand, nothing. and i got to sit next to
him too. it was weird. he barely talked to me at all.

but at recess was better. it was freeezing though so i was
huggin him the whole time. so warm :) then he kind of
kissed wasnt i "kind of" though, it was more major.
confidentially though diary, hes not the greatest kisser.
but i shouldnt say that, because its not like im any expert.
plus, practice makes perfect right?

aaaah embarassment...
at mcas prep, i was sittin nex to anthony, and he had his
arm around me and jel was kind of upset that she wasnt
getting any (french kisses) aand i guess i was teasin her
cuz all of a sudden she blurts out, he kimm hows the
toungue or something like that and my mouth opened and
wouldnt close, because Mr. G. was

not to mention dennis, who i was juss talkin to. "i saw you
and anthony today at recess" lol..kill me.

*good charlotte - dont wanna stop*