a little piece of me
2001-11-05 22:51:22 (UTC)

sigh...so happy :)

ok, i'm going to start by bitching. hehe. what's new,
right? ok, so i had my animal phys test today. argh.
first of all, the teacher didn't have the fucking things
printed off, so he didn't hand the tests out until 20
minutes after class started. that gave us 40 minutes to
take our tests instead of an hour. it consisted of 10
multiple choice and 20 short answer. that's less than 2
minutes per short answer. i barely finished in time. not
only that, but the questions were rediculous! i don't know
where he gets this shit from. we hadn't talked about half
of it. hell, i didn't even understand what he was asking
on most of the questions!!

in spite of that, i still had a good day :) i really don't
think i've ever been this happy. i'm on cloud 9 i guess!
things have been moving so incredibly fast with brett, but
everything feels so right. sigh. he's the last thing i
think about before i go to sleep and the first thing i
think about when i wake up. he totally overwhelms me. i
miss him so much. can't wait to talk to him again. i melt
every time i hear that sexy voice of his. yum.

ok, well, i'm in such a good mood i'm going to go waste
some money. lol, actually, i'm going out to dinner.
diamond daves, here i come! have a great day everyone.