2001-11-05 22:45:14 (UTC)

Dreamscape, Airplane

I have been completely out of whack today. Spatials
completely disrupted.

Dreamed a friend and I rented a small airplane, smaller
than a cropduster, almost like a glider. I went first,
even though I didnt know how to fly, it was like renting a
scooter, a few tips and off you go.

At first I was wobbly, but soon got the hang of it after
taking off a few times. I flew and flew over what looked
like countryside and orchards, maybe like Massachusetts. I
flew close enough to ground so I could take in the
countryside as there were lots of hills. I almost had an
accident with cars who were comming up a hill as I was not
paying attention and had to pull out quickly and just
barely avoided crashing.

Finally I decided to land at what was some extremely modern
facility, like a tourist stop where u eat and use
restroooms. There were lots of glass and concrete/stone
type tall 5 or 6 story single building with an elevator.
There were waiters outside a restaurant entrance with white
tablecloths and carnations on tables with shiny silver
settings and white plates. The entrance was polished glass
and very chic.

I made my way towards a large elevator and on my way and
bumped into a childhood friend, named Angie who has an
identical twin, whe was walking toward the elevator talking
with a girl, her friend. We did not speak, just looked at
each other , I am not sure if she even recognized me.

Then whammo, was thrown onto bed & snapped awake.

The unique chic modernity of the building was dazzling. It
was streamlined, very geometrical, and precise. The feeling
of flying was incredible, especially pulling up from the
near collision. I feel like I have dreamed of being in this
building before. I have been dizzy all day.