Death to all
2001-11-05 22:28:11 (UTC)

All that you are and all that..

All that you are
and all that you'll be
makes you the most important thing in my life
you're everything to me.

This love is unconditional
Without color, shape, or size.
My heart skips a beat
Just by looking in your eyes

You're the love of my life
I know that it's true
I've never loved anyone
The way that I love you

All that I am
and all that I'll be
all means nothing at all
if you're not here with me

Alright, I'm done writing it now (I wasn't before...rofl. I came
back to edit it).

Yeah...I know. I can do better...or maybe I can't. I'm just not
much of a writer I suppose. Though, practice makes perfect...right?