Valkyrie of Velois

The Days of Deaths
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2001-11-05 22:23:03 (UTC)


When I was young I grew old. every day my mind was hit with
things that only adults should get, for my mind though I was
older; much older than in truth. When I was still young I
lost my youth. Oh how I miss my youth, the youth that made
me able to make a fool of my self with no embarassment and
the youth that made me run away with only a chunk of bread
which was eaten within the first minute

Youth can never be regained, I know. I sold my youth for wealth
and prosperity. I sold my soul for my love. I sold my heart
for power. I sold my feelings fo immortality. What now
do I have left to enjoy this enterprise that I made with;
for now I am but a heartless soul-less battered prosperous
immortal with no feelings or cares. Youth was the worst to
lose, for without youth I can not enjoy silly odd mistakes of
mine and I can not think outside of the box, I have to think
literally all the time.

What a painful sight I am now, for when I was young I grew
older into a aspiring person.